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Why animals see, what we don't see?

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Im 100% with Mr. Shark on this one..

I don't mean to flame you Bozena (or anyone similar minded), but it seams to me, that some of you don't fully understand the physiological differences between animals and humans.

And yes, before anyone jumps on that small "dilemma" on my earlier sentence, I understand that humans are sort of animals too, but cats and dogs don't drive BMW's if you catch my drift ;).

Soo, all Im saying is animals have keener senses than humans.. It really is simple as that.. I mean, if you could see, hear, taste, smell and feel (no, theres no 6th sense) X-times better than any of your friends, then you too would "sense" an upcomping earthquake for example.

Now.. Lets have some cognac, cheers!

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