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The Collum People

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Emperor Chin was called the Emperor who lived a thousand years but he did not live 1000 years. The terms "Emperor who lived a thousand years" was, as well as his name, afforded to him as a title. There was another Emperor Chin and according to this Legend, he was That One as related in Native American culture. When that one had left the Western Hemisphere he traveled to the Eastern Hemisphere and because of his ability to change the color of his skin he was acknowledged where ever he traveled as a god. Second to the last place he traveled to was India, but by that time he was quite old. He has started to loose his skin pigmentation and in fact, by this time his organs had started to become visible. There he was known as the Black Buddha, more specifically the slim Buddha depicted in statues, as opposed to the heaver Buddha most folks think of when the word Buddha is used (He had also been known as Thoth according to this Legend). Society in India was not yet ready for the transition which would have a profound effect upon That Ones appearance. So it was decided that another culture, more prepared to deal with such things would be where That One would relocate and this would be the territory known today as China.

The ceremony which was the advent of his arrival was so impressive, he felt it necessary to write a story about the meaning behind prophets and this is that story…

Building a coliseum is very hard work as it requires the work of three distinct professions. The first two are of course the Carpenters and the Bricklayers they perform the gunmetal tasks of creating the structure, but it is the Colum People who make it possible for the Coliseum to be complete. Now the Colum People are very busy as very few people can master the art of building columns, so it is very important that when they arrive, they be given time to do what it is they do. Many arguments form between the carpenters and bricklayers as a result, of the time spent building, there portions of the Coliseum. Often they expect the Colum People to resolve the issues that have developed. It is important to remember how busy the Column People really are and while they can resolve some of the issues between the carpenters and bricklayer, there primary responsibility is to build the Colum’s necessary to support the Coliseum.

The story of the column people is not available on the Internet, however I have verified that in fact, if one travels to China and speaks to the curators’ of ancient column structures in China and asks the purpose of the Colum’s one will be told "The Story of the Column People". The purpose of the analogy is to present that prophet, there purpose is to present to society, information relevant and fundamental to its development.

Any thoughts?

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