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Lyricist Required

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The christmas track from E-Claire will be the Moon Theme from Ducktales...only in a love ballad style.



There's the track we're using.

We need lyrics for the electric guitar voice, the trumpet and for the synth plucks (the synth that plays at the beginning and continues throughout the piece. We won't need continuous words like that, however...just a couple times through).

As said, we need love-type lyrics.

Preferably for a boyfriend (the synths) singing to his girlfriend (the electric guitar)...

Possibly with the two of them singing together (the trumpet bit).


Yeah. Any contributors?

As for the track...thus far our Line Up consists of (these names mean very little to you, but there we go)...

-> Me (piano)

-> Hanana-Chan (vocals)

-> Davey-o (Drums)

-> DestroY (Bass)

-> The collective string sections of the SCC and SHS orchestras (South Cheshire College, Shavington High School tongue.gif)

-> J.Harding (Conductor)

-> N.Jackson and B.Garnet (Oboe)

We're considering the possibility of an electric guitarist (playing background rhythm guitar along with the bassline)

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