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Faith, fortune or Coincidence?

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Sometimes after asking the cosmic for certain things I actually get them.. such as .. money for example, or a new place to live, and I know if I ask for something I need I will get it, but if I ask for something I merely WANT it doesn't seem to feel as strong.

In your opinion.. faith, fortune, or coincidence?

Yet if someone in very poor circumstances, their children dying and so on.. if they ask and they are denied that which they need so badly...

faith.. fortune or coincidence?

In my case it doesn't work to order, or to demand but I can honestly say I've had some amazing successes, if I needed certain things they came to me. So what am I doing differently to the others? Not sure, except that I KNOW I'm going to get them.

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Dr. Peter Venkman

All three? Not necesarilly(sp?) at the same time? I dunno. :hmm:

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