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UFO mystery deepens at Sylvan Lake


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Sylvan Lake has become the scene of a mystery after a local woman witnessed a strange disturbance in the water which prompted an investigation that later lead to the discovery of an unidentified object on the lake bed.

"The mystery over what's sitting at the bottom of Sylvan Lake in Forest Lake has the attention of UFO investigators. A Forest Lake woman claims she saw large waves rippling out in a swirling motion on the lake. She thought it seemed strange and called police. She told them she thought the churning water came from a helicopter."

arrow3.gifView: Full Article | arrow3.gifSource: KSTP
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I dont think its a UFO. Its just a claim. There has been severla claims like this and the result's been the same-no UFO.

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"We received several reports on our website about the incident," said Richard Lang from the Mutual UFO Network.

During a second water search, the Washington County Sheriff's Office found an object, about the size of a washer or dryer. They plan to pull it out in the coming weeks, though no one could say, what it might be.

However, a UFO does not seem likely.

"Based on our findings, we don't believe a UFO crashed into the lake," said Lang.

Most likely explanation - a flying washing machine crash/splash. Whitegoods disgarded by a passing UFO? (I hate it when they do that <_<

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Sylvan Lake sounds just the kind of place where you'd expect strange and sinister things to happen, isn't it. Like Sleepy Hollow. :unsure2:

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Neat story, but I do wish the title was different since there is a Sylvan Lake in South Dakota lol

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Did they ever get it up and see what it is?

This is too funny to me. I highly suspect a washer or dryer is at bottom (26 feet), knowing the locals and I do know them. I know this lake very well as I live a half mile away from it and my family has owned land on the lake since 1960.

My theory is that the lake being spring feed had a large gas bubble develop in the deeper part of the lake and it finally blew.

This is has been covered in the local paper and I'm sure they'll have an article describing the object. When I find out what the object might be, I'll be glad to post.

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