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US should adopt same human rights standards as the

Guest Lottie

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And don't talk to me about the innocent children, the ones who throw rocks and grow up to hate Israel and the West. Better kill them now than let them grow up and kill us later. Sounds harsh, these people have no respect for life, thus we will show them the same.

Yeah, I beleive the Nazis thought the same about Jewish children.

And it makes MY head spin that you do not realize that it is the military and the Israeli government's DUTY to protect their citizens at whatever the cost!

...and killing childrens' the way to do it huh.gif

Palestine do not want peace. If they do it would have happened already.

Your the one talking about children and how its better to kill them now than let them have a chance at life not the Palastinaians. tongue.gif

As for the topic, indeed I do find it funny that their are songs out there with the lines "I am a real American, fighting for the rights of every man" or "the land of the free" and yet their are elements within the government and military who are happy to preach democracy and justice, yet take it from other peoples without second thought.

Now this isn't anything new, after the French Revolution 'Super Nationalism' (Imperialism) appeared which justified colonialisation and slavery as needed for the self-determination of the peoples at home. The issue of the self-determination of the Asias, Africans, Native Americans, Native Austrians etc never really came into it as long as Europe and the European Americans etc benifted.

Its kinda sad though the double standards still exists.

There is hope though, maybe this will made America wake up to its government's darker side and do something about it.

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