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Star of the Sea

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Interestingly enough the name "Mary" means "Star of the Sea". So I kinda got to thinking about the connection between the name Mary and the star constellation of Virgo, not to mention the star of Bethlehem - does anyone think there might be an astrological connection?

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Miriam Miriam, Mariam Mariam, Maria (Mary) Maria

The English name Mary is the transliteration of the Greek name Maria or Mariam, which in turn is the transliteration of the Hebrew name Miriam.

There are two Miriams mentioned in the OT. The most famous one is the prophetess and older sister of Moses and Aaron. Another Miriam (most probably a male) is mentioned in the genealogy of Judah (1 Chr 4:17).

Mary is a popular name in the NT. The most famous Mary is the mother of Jesus (Mat 1:16). Others are Mary Magdalene (Mat 27:56), the mother of James and Joseph (Mat 27:56), the sister of Martha and Lazarus (John 11:1), the mother of John Mark (Acts 12:12), and a Roman Christian (Rom 16:6).

The origin and meaning of the name Miriam is unclear, although, as many Levite names are for some reason Egyptian, it may have to do with the Egyptian word for Beloved (see the name Merari). On a Hebrew stage, most scholars derive the name Miriam from the verb mara (mara 1242) meaning to be rebellious, disobedient. A derivation from this verb is meri (meri 1242a) meaning rebellion (see the name Meribah). Jones reads Their Rebellion. NOBSE reads Obstinacy, Stubbornness.

Another possibility is a combination of the words mar and ymm.

mar (mar 1248a) means bitter; mar (mar 1248b) means myrrh. Both come from the root marar (marar 1248) meaning be bitter, strengthen, strong. mar (mar 1249a) probably means drop but is used only once, in Isa 40:15).

The word ymm (yam 871a) means sea.

Hence, the name Miriam also means Strong Waters or Waters Of Strength.

Jerome (4th century AD) suggested relations with the word maor (ma'or 52f), star, from the verb or ('or 52), to be light, shine (see the names Aaron, Ur and Urim). Combined with the word ymm (yam 871a), sea, the name translates to Stella Maris (star of the sea), but that strikes as a very free interpretation.

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