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Stormy Knight

researching a haunting

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Hello everyone,

I am new here and this is my first post. I am hoping someone might be able to help me in researching the history of a house that was possibly the site for the torture and death of a young boy. A boy who's bloody face appeared VERY DISTINCTLY in a TV that was turned off. This is the story......

I work at a one hour photo lab, we developed a roll of film for a customer, a few days later the man and woman came back in and were trying to make enlargements on a self-serve type machine.The woman asked me If I could help her, as I approached the couple they both said " don't freak out, don't freak out"

When I looked at the scanned image that was on the screen, my jaw dropped!

There was a picture of a little boy( the couples son) standing next to a TV. In the tv, that was off, was a very very distinct image of a boy's face. There was what appeared to be blood or a gash from his left eye streaking downward to his cheek.

What was so startling about the image is that it appeared sideways in the tv, not as if someone could have been standing in-front of the tv and cast a reflection.

I made some 5x7 and 8x10 enlargements and as they got bigger it was very apparent that the child's ear was filled with blood.

This chilled me to the core and as the woman began to describe the house, I only becoming more disturbed..

When they moved in, one of the rooms had a padlock on the outside of the door, They figured it had been used as storage, when they cut the lock off, they discovered it had obviously been a child's bedroom at one time. Crayon drawings on the wall,stickers on the dresser, things of that nature.

The lady said there were stains on the hardwood floor that she was never able to remove, she thought they might be blood or feces.and there were.. " claw marks" on the door and the wall.. " definitely not made by a dog or cat" "too big and wide apart to have been made by an animal"...

She described other things, like high pitched screams," like a cat being slowly tortured"and her 2 year old son kept talking about a boy...

They fled the house after a couple of months..

If I never believed in the paranormal, the picture alone would be enough to convince me. There is no doubt in my mind what so ever that what I saw is real.

It is on the negative as well. I have done some research on the internet about the town, and address of the house, to see if there were any reports of child abuse or murder. I have come up empty handed.We want to know what happened to that little boy.The house in in Lafayette Louisiana, Does any one know how to go about finding out the history/ previous residents of a house? or has anyone heard of anything similar occurring in Lafayette?

I apologies for this very lengthy first post. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Try asking the police department. Given it was so long ago, they might oblige -- though it may have to be the owners of the house who make the inquiry.

Local libraries might also have local histories that detail such.

That's usually how I hear people get information about the houses of the past.

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What you should do is see if you could contact the couple that had you develop the photos and ask if they have any records of the house. Usually, the deed will mention a previous owner.

Since no one knew what was in the room before they took the padlock off, I wouldn't try looking for murder records. There probably won't be any.

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I don't know where you live, but in the US the county court house keeps the records of the home owners on file for quite some time, so that could be a place to start.

One you have a few names it is easy enough to do a search at the local library of the newspapers of the day, usually on microfische. Googling the name might get you some information if anything that happened made the news.

You could also try to search directly for the previous owners to see if anything odd happened in their presence. Sometimes folks don't like to talk about such things, but it is worth a shot. Once you have the owners names it is fairly easy to track them down via the internet...

That would be where I would start, but there are plenty of folks here that have actually experience in such matters, whereas I am just making an educated guess...

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Oh what a sad story sad.gif

I know in my state we have a website like state assessors. You can use it to see taxes pd on that house and what the current listing is. It also shows previous owners of the deed for that home. The one you would use is. . .

We (my ghosthunting group) use it a lot to find out the history of the house that we are investigating. Very interesting stuff. . . .

Also the library you can use microfish to find newspapers. I can't imagine whoever did this getting away with it. There's gotta be something listed. It's a long process and some states are moving microphish to the net, or to a computer database that you can search easier. Thank God my state is one of them so research can be done in a couple days instead of a couple of months. Call around to the libraries and find out. Some are more updated than others. Also contac the newspapers to see if they have a listing of places you can go to.

As for that poor child, hopefully he is happy w/that family and not causing any problems. Since you all live in the bible belt it might be easier for you to find a preacher, priest, deacon, etc. whatever your/their religion is, that would help this poor baby boy go to the light.

Good luck, email me and keep me updated on your discoveries.

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