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Intuit 2012 Game

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This is a challenge for the amateur psychics, remote viewers, diviners of all kinds, readers of signs and symbols, or any other methods including non-magical futurism approaches where trends and world currents are gauged to offer a most likely scenario.


*Saying things will go on as normal is not accepted since specifics are being asked for.

*Also include the technique you used to derive your theory, or prediction, or what you have saw or seen for the future.

*It is requested not to discuss the integrity of the methods used to derive the information requested since this thread is dedicated towards the results and not the methods. It is encouraged to start a new thread discussing methods if you wish.

*I want the most clarified, thus strongest, impressions to be listed here. If you are uncertain do not try to hard to find results, not all of us can be in right frame of mind at all times, and remember this is just for fun but serious contributions are welcomed.

This is the method I will use and I am not sure if I will get any results since this is the first time I will use this method. Basically I will try twice, the first time is just drawing as fast as I can to fill up a page, symbols, lines, whatever comes to mind. Then on another page I will draw a few symbols also rapidly but not necessarily to fill out the page. From the two I will look at both and see what I can derive.

Take note that this is not based on my belief that I am psychic since I personally believe true psychics have intuit information only when the Universe decides to reveal it not when they seek it as I am deciding to do. This is me tossing out an abstract and a few symbols on two separate sheets of paper and then attempting to simply find meaning. It is more of an exercise to further help me understand my internal dialogue and subconsciousness.

I will post results if any once I am done. Please though make up your own methods and describe.

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Abstract drawing - I see the sun near a mountain in the sky and/or near a skyscraper. There are clouds partially covering the bottom of the sun and there is something like a funny feel about them to me. They also reach the ground which makes them even seem more odd.

Symbols - I get 'A OK' or a triangle craft flying near the gleaming sun. Then I get an arrow going into the direction of a large wave going into the direction of the arrow. The large wave seems to be coming from sky because in the distance either another one can be seen coming down or it represents the past so that was how it looked in the far distance before it finally did. I believe both arrow and wave represent change.

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