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Syko's Forgotten Realms Campaign Journal

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Ok here we go. In this post I'll mark some of the major changes I have made in rules and to the Realms themselves. After that I'll do an overview of what went on to date and then post the game summary as we play. One note there we're all mostly 25+ so we have lives and we don't get to play regularly.

Location of game: Silverymoon to the Northern Sword Coast. The southern most reach of our game is around Baldur's Gate and Candlekeep.

Current FR year: 1373 DR

D&D edition: Heavily Houseruled 3e

Changes to the Realms:

First I have all but eliminated the Faerunian Gods and have replaced them with the Nordic, Finnish and Celtic Pantheons from the 1e Dieties and Demigods (also known as legends and lore) and the 3e DIeties and Demigods.

Also I have changed an bit of the History of the realms as well. The Time of Troubles never happened and there is an alternate history of the north regions that has been slowly revealed over time.

Major 3e changes: A good portion of the combat rules have been stripped down to a more bare bones system like 2e was. I have reintroduced Rate of Fire for distance weapons.

Magic changes include the spell point system form Unearthed Arcana (3e) and I have redesigned magic item creation to be based off skills rather than feats.

Skills changes include the elimination of cross class skills ( as in no point penalty to buy certain skills) and I have a work in progress revamp of the system to include General Skills. ( as the 2e Proficiencies did)

I am using the new Experience system from Uneathed Arcana (3e)

The Sorceror class has been rebuilt. (if anyone wants to see the rebuild let me know)

I am using some of the 3.5 class revisions

Characters in the game:

These are the ones that currently are running:

Kassandra Blackforest : 6th level Sorceress Half-elf (sunelf blood)

Krishina Shdaowwalker :5th level Human Rogue

Silas 'lucky' Drathemere: 5th level Teifling fighter

Celador Moonshadow: 6th level Druid Half-elf (moon elf) [Druid has been redone some per UA rules]

* Krishina was in a game that was unfortunately suspended and I am looking for a place to bring her in here

Ok well thats it for that. I'll post later on the past game summary. If you have any comments or questions please post them here.

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Posted (edited)

1372 DR ( the last few months)

It all started when Krishina Shadowwalker and a Dwarven companion named Seldric met a Fighter names Silas. Silas convinced them to help him recover a jewel hidden in a ruined temple not far from where they were staying in a small village.

After recovering it they were approached by members of Krishina's old Army unit. (she was a scout for the army of Waterdeep) There had been rumors of a large Orc army amassing in the High Forest and the commander asked them to see if it was true. Coming upon an outpost they discovered that somone was trying to unify the orc tribes to assault various areas.

Unfortunately the information came too late A large group of orcs began attacking the villages leaving little standing. Discovering the location of their fort Krishina, Celdric, Silas and a Cleric named Benvin decided to sneak in to open an attack route for Waterdeeps forces. They failed.

Barely escaping with their lives the group was seperated. Celdric and Benvin tried escaping by jumoing off a bluff and Krishina took a mortally injured Silas away on horseback.

Krishina was taken in by members of a barbarian tribe called the people of the Raven. They began healing Silas and trying to find Krishina's friends. She was aided by a warrior of the tribe named Cora Ravenborne. After Silas healed he accompanied Krishina and Cora to Llorkh. A small fishing village located on the Riber Delimbiyr. After reaching the village (wich was a plce Benvin and Seldric was rumored to be) the found that the orc army had been a diversion.

The diversion allowed the Zhents to take most of the villages along the river and poise for an attack on Waterdeep. They came across this info after helping some Traders into the village. The traders were killed by Zhent soldiers and it was discovered they were affiliated with the Harpers (an organization who looks out for the good of Faerun). Krishina decided to help the Harpers and sought thier leaders.

However on a night that was cold and sleeting the three of them were ambushed by a trio of sell-swords known as the Sons of Chaos. they fought them back but at a cost. Cora was killed by the Sorceror of the mercinaries.

Krishina met with Esra, a Harper leader, in one of thier secret locations. The meeting was broke up when the Sons of Chaos ( who had been folowing Krishina's group) and Zhent troops attacked them. The fight went to the Zhents but with an apparant death of one of the Sons (the ranger).

They lay low for weeks until a sneak attack by forces from Waterdeep and Secomber drove the Zhents from the area. Krishina and Silas were recruited as Harpers and were immidiatly given their first missions. Krishina was to accompany three other Harpers into a house that was held by the Zhents and Silas went with Esra to investigate strange events in Silverymoon.

To date it is unknown what happened to Krishina as the Harpers lost contact with her group.

Meanwhile just outside of Lurkwood A druid named Celedor and a Sorceress named Kassandra investigate stories of a large pack of wolves terrorizing the countryside.

They discover that a winterwolf is behind the pack and slay him but in his den they find a doorway to an old stronghold. It turns out this stronghold belonged to Annowe Deveroue a mage that lived over 500 years ago.

It so happened they discovered the final resting place of the mage and among the possesions are various books detailing magics not seen on Faerun for ceturies.

After returning to their home Kassandra tries translating the book. She makes little headway and decided that in spring she will seek advice from the mage guild in Silverymoon.

1373 DR

Word of the discovery of Annowe's tomb spreads causing several groups to try to raid it. The woods outside of it turns into a Battlefield. Also after years of political tension Cormyr erupts into a civil war.

Against this backdrop Kassandra and Celedor get the book translated and find that it deals with a powerful spellbook that Annowe vaulted away. They are met by two Harpers (meddlesome buch eh?) who happen to be Silas and Esra. Silas tells them of how the Zhents have learned of Annowe's secrets and covet them.

The zhents know who found the tomb and are looking for them. Silas goes woth them to gather belongings so they can leave the area there they are attacked by Zhent troops at their home led by the thought dead Ranger of the Sons of Chaos.

Knowing that the Zhents will be on them soon they flee to the Sword Coast.

Thats to where we are in the game. The next few adventures will be big and will break from the zhent pursuit ( here is where I wll add Krishina to the group).

As before and questions or comments feel free to post.


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