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Hi Everyone,

I'm currently doing a project for college, and everyone think s Im being a bit macabre about it :(

I'm basically doing a essay on the musicians who died at 27, and looking into some of the mystical/supernatural elements of their stories. It's been pretty fascinating so far - but I'd really love to know if anyone knows any supernatural elements...and Im really interested in the numerology behind the number 27...if there is any?

I'm really sorry, Im pretty new to this, and I've spent the weekend trying to find more about it, but my head is spinning!

So can I be cheeky and ask for anything you guys might know about the number 27? Does it have any meaning at all? Or just a co-incidence? What are your opinions?

Thanks a lot!

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it is interesting that so many have died at that age

Some would call it a curse, others coincidence

I think it could be a mixture of both

There's tons of supposed curses about the rich and famous

Kennedy Curse,Poltergeist Movie curse, etc.

In reality it leans more towards coincidence but there will always be the question " Were they cursed?"

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