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Is your pet paranormal ?

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Patrick Bernauw: Science still is not certain how animals "navigate" home: by the position of the sun or by the earth's magnetic field? Thanks to some sixth and superior sense of direction? And what about lost animals who find their way to their owners through unfamiliar territory?

Biologists at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Long Beach, California, wondered whether cats could sense the presence of X rays. Researchers exposed the felines to X-radiation and found the greatest effect occured when the radiation was aimed at the olfactory bulb. According to a report in New Scientist however, the cats still retained some sensitivity to X rays after the olfactory bulb was removed. So, there may be more than one sensory receptor capable of detecting X rays, the scientists concluded.

And this brings us again to the question: how paranormal are pets, actually? Do they really have a sixth sense?

Homecoming Cats & Dogs
The cream-colored Persian cat Sugar was the pride of Mr and Mrs Woods of Anderson, California. In 1951 they decided to leave the area and because cars frightened the cat, they reluctantly left Sugar behind with the neighbors and drove to the farm in Oklahoma where they had found a new residence. Fourteen months later, Mrs Woods was standing near the barn when a cat leapt through the window and landed on her shoulder. There was no doubt this cat had to be Sugar: it had exact the same defect from which Sugar suffered - a deformed hipbone.

The homing ability of dogs is astounding. Nick, for instance, Doug Simpson's dog, disappeared during a camping trip in southern Arizona in November 1979. Simpson spent two weeks searching for the German shepherd, but eventually returned to his home in Pennsylvania. Four months later, Nick showed up at the home of Simpson's parents in Selah, Washington. The dog had crossed the Arizona Desert, the Grand Canyon, the Rockies, frozen streams and snow-covered mountains, and countless highways... to collapse from exhaustion on the driveway where Doug Simpson's old car was parked.

The longest homing effort recorded, was achieved by a collie in 1923. Bobbie belonged to a family in Silverton, Oregon, and was lost on a family vacation in Walcott, Indiana. Six months later he made it back home, after traveling more than 2,000 miles. His route was traced through Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming and Idaho. He had crossed the Rockies in the middle of the winter...

A Sense of Earthquakes
Pets seem to sense the precursor to earthquakes: the drastic changes in the magnetic field of the earth. They become nervous and frightened and often go into hiding. It was reported that in Japan, before an earthquake, goldfish tried to jump out of their bowls and in China pet birds attempted to escape from their cages.

Jim Berkland, chief geologist for California's Santa Clara County, is convinced that when the number of lost pets increases, it means the state may be hit by a quake. After his own cat ran away right before an earthquake, he went through the lost-and-found classified sections of three newspapers, counting the missing cats and dogs. He combined the number of missing animals, data on geyser and tidal activity and the position of the sun and moon, in order to ascertain when conditions are most favourable for a quake to occur. His predictions have an 82 per cent success rate.

Psychic Missie
Mildred Probert, a retired pet store manager from Denver, was the proud owner of a little terrier with extraordinary talents. The breakthrough of "Psychic Missie" came on New Year's Eve in 1965, when she was interviewed on KTLN radio.

Full story here!

Lady Wonder, or: The Psychic Detective Was A Horse!
In 1925, Mrs Lord from Richmond, Virginia, purchased a two-week-old colt. A few years later, Lady Wonder came trotting toward her owners before they called her, and the horse could count and spell short words too, by maneuvering toy blocks around with her nose…

Full story here!

Copyright by Patrick Bernauw & The Lost Dutchman

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War Eagle
Is your pet paranormal?

Maybe; but reckon i know a crazy Jack Russel that's not-normal.




(just pics off the net)

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No, my pet isn't paranormal, but she does keep eating my tiny little seed beads and swarovski crystals I use for making jewelry... her new name is Twinkle Turds. :P

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