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Baby's voice wakes mother from coma


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A mother who fell in to a coma after contracting food poisoning was brought back to life after hearing the sound of her baby's voice, a recording was played at her bedside that she said "gave her the will to live".

"A mother, Karen Morrisroe-Clutton, who fell into a coma after contracting the lethal food poisoning bacteria E.coli was brought back to life after hearing the sound of her baby son's voice. "

arrow3.gifView: Full Article | arrow3.gifSource: Telegraph
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The takeaway, criticised for poor hygiene 12 months ago with zero stars out of five, was shut down by environmental health officers to allow an investigation to take place.

An investigation is ongoing into the source of the E.coli outbreak.

Toni Slater, of the council's public protection department, said: "The Llay Fish Bar has been inspected on numerous occasions.

"The council is still satisfied the fish bar is still complying with the legal standard."

(hahah- creepy name, plus a nice record too! gooooooooooo council. till someone actually dies 'eh)

times like this, im cravin my spam an top ramen :wacko:

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