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Health care an earned right?

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Pseudo Intellectual

Give it a rest, Star. Regardless of what's in the bill, it's dead.

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Here's my problem. I could ask what IamsSon would like to see in a centrist bill, but he's already told me:

  1. extend tax savings to those who currently do not have employer-provided insurance but purchase health insurance on their own
  2. provide immediate substantial financial assistance, through new refundable and advanceable tax credits, to low- and modest-income Americans
  3. help those aged 55 to 64, by increasing support for pre- and early-retirees with low- and modest-incomes
  4. allow states, small businesses, associations, and other organizations to band together and offer health insurance at lower costs
  5. implement comprehensive medical liability reform that will reduce costly, unnecessary defensive medicine practiced by doctors trying to protect themselves from overzealous trial lawyers
  6. provide Medicare and Medicaid with additional authority and resources to stop waste, fraud, and abuse that costs taxpayers billions of dollars every year
  7. create incentives to save now for future and long-term health care needs by improving health savings accounts and flexible spending arrangements as well as creating new tax benefits to offset the cost of long-term care premiums
  8. give financial help to caregivers who provide in-home care for a loved one
  9. make it easier for Americans to keep health care coverage regardless of a change in or loss of a job
  10. encourage states to create a Universal Access Program by establishing and/or reforming existing programs to guarantee all Americans,regardless of pre-existing conditions or past illnesses, have access to affordable coverage
  11. encourage small businesses to offer health care coverage to their workers by reducing their administrative costs through a new small business tax credit
  12. strengthen employer-provided health coverage by helping the 10 million uninsured Americans who are eligible, but not enrolled in, an employer-sponsored plan get health care coverage by encouraging employers to move to opt-out, rather than opt-in rules
  13. allow dependents to remain on their parents' health policies up to the age of 25

With the exception of federalizing medical liability law (which doesn't strike me as particularly conservative) and beefing up HSAs, every one of these appears in these bills in some form. Virtually everything he's said he wants to see in a reform bill is in this bill. Why? Because it incorporates numerous conservative (or at least conservative-supported) ideas.

The cognitive dissonance here is mind-blowing. Apparently he wants to scrap the bill, rewrite it word-for-word with a Republican sponsor, and then pass it.

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Sir Wearer of Hats

Wait a second... the argument against Universal Health Care boils down to "those lazy buggers will stop working if they don't have to work to afford health care"?

I live in a country that has government subsidised health care - this covers things from bog standard trips to the GP to medication to hospital stays. It ALSO offers tax breaks to people who have private health care (which costs me $1400 a year). There are things like the dole (which we have to work for - at the very least be looking for work to be on the dole unless you're permanently disabled), yes there is a bit of fraud going on, and "dole bludgers" etc.

But we're a productive nation. There's a small percentage of people unemployed (it's about 8% right now, which is quite high for us).

The subsidised health care gets it's money from tax, and charging a nominal fee (which can be waived altogether depending on circumstances) for health care (so if you broke your arm at work, then it's highly likely that the cost of getting the arm fixed would be free or just a small ammount even if you don't have private health care)).

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The cognitive dissonance here is mind-blowing. Apparently he wants to scrap the bill, rewrite it word-for-word with a Republican sponsor, and then pass it.

but it's not about the bill. It's about wining and only winning.

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Now that I think about it regarding the health care issue, health care reform will be years away with this GOP victory as nothing will probably get done.

Since it won't get done, we will continue to have the same broken health care system up to the point where no one can really afford it anymore. Heads will roll come election time from the party in power because they are unable to get it done due to the opposite party obstruction or the stubbornness by both parties to cross party lines. And it will be the same vicious cycle each coming election. I can see the coming angers from voters when all of a sudden health care costs skyrocket out of control within a few years.

I may as well start a will, keep a healthier lifestyle, and start learning about personal bankruptcy proceedings to get a head start or look into relocating to another country.

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