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Translation of Al Qaeda Training Manuals

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A. Reasons for detaining one or more individuals by an enemy:

i) Force the government or the enemy to succumb to some demands.

ii) Put the government in a difficult situation that will create a political embarrassment between the government and the countries of the detainees.

iii) Obtaining important information from the detainees.

iv) Obtaining ransoms. Such was the case with the brothers in the Philippines, Chechnya, and Algiers. Our brothers from Muhammad’s Army in Kashmir received a two million dollar ransom that provided good financial support to the organization.

v) Bringing a specific case to light. This happened at the beginning of the cases in Chechnya and Algeria, with the hijacking of the French plane, and the kidnapping operations performed by the brothers in Chechnya and the Philippines.

B. Requirements needed in forming a kidnapping group:

i) Capability to endure psychological pressure and difficult circumstances. In case of public kidnapping, the team will be under a lot of pressure.

ii) Intelligence and quick reflexes in order to deal with an emergency.

iii) Capability to take control over the adversary. The brother is required to possess fighting skills that will enable him to paralyze the adversary and seize control of him.

iv) Good physical fitness and fighting skills.

v) Awareness of the security requirements, prior to, during, and after the operation.

vi) Ability to use all types of light weapons for kidnapping.

Wow, thats nuts! wacko.gif

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