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Iraq War has made the world less safe -

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The Institute of Strategic Studies (IISS), a leading London Think-Tank, has issued a report that states that the US and British occupation of Iraq has accelerated recruitment to the ranks of al-Qa'ida.

They write that the occupation has become "a potent global recruitment pretext" for the terrorist network, which has bolstered its membership to 18,000 worldwide.

Over 1000 al-Qa'ida terrorists are now belived to be operational in Iraq, which up until the invasion had no links with the terrorist network.

The report also points out that due to the level of turmoil in Iraq, the US and UK forces will need to be increased to 500,000 in order to maintain any sembelence of control over the country.

The IISS had been extremely pro-war before the invasion, but have now admited that through the shortsightedness of the US and UK governments the situation in Iraq is now extremely bleak.

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