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The Infidel Guy

Any Muslims? or Ex-Muslims?

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The "Republicans" of today are a perversion of what the party stands for, and capitalism never means that those who work hard get more. In reality very few people actually live comfortably under capitalism no matter how hard they work. As a Libertarian I strongly believe in capitalism, not because its the fairest system, but because it provides the individual the best chance at having liberty with what they do. That said our nation has a form of capitalism that is very corrupted.

Religious nut jobs come from all faiths. in America you just see more of the Christian variety because of our nations history and the people that immigrated here. I believe that most religious people really don't try to push their dogma on other people but the ones who do are usually the loudest. That is why in the 21st century we still have a battle in our government about taking Christian dogma out of our government. Some people just won't accept that there are people from all faiths and non-faiths that live in this country and that they shouldn't be discriminated against.

Saddam was at one time a dear friend of the United States. It wasn't until we had a falling out with him that we cared about what he did. Iraq for all intents and purposes was a much more stable country under Saddam. You couldn't imagine the slaughter over there now. Shiaa and Sunni are practicing absolute genocide against each other while the American contractors make a fortune off the death. Saddam was a violent dictator but i fail to see how our invasion and years of war have made it any better over there. If anything we have made it much worse. How can you help someone who sees your nation making a fortune off the horrors of war? We set the tone for anarchy over there.


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Just to butt in here.

The laws of KSA do conflict and ignore fundamental teachings of Islam. For one, women are not allowed to drive cars. There is no rule in the Hadith or Qur'an against women driving (or doing anything similar).

Two, they jail rape victims, and they even kill some of them for adultery while the rapists go free.

Three, the ruler of KSA King whatever is well known to be practicing an extremist form of Islam (though the name escapes me).

Have you ever been to Saudi Arabia? The King is a greedy SOB who lives in a massive palace he literally spent billions on, as well as many cars all latest models and fountains and pools etc. (obviously some of this comes out of the taxes people pay) You can even go to some of the parts where you know that the king should focus on, the living conditions there are appalling and a huge eyesore when one block down is a business district, but he honestly doesn't care, he simply wishes to build up the 'big cities' so the KSA appears more like a Western city. He is also blatantly the b**** of the USA. The minorities such as the Indians and Pakistanis present in Saudi Arabia are a nice enough people though they are consistently bullied and hated by the government and as a result the people of Saudi Arabia.

Not to mention the fact that at every mall that isn't run down you cannot enter simply by yourself, you need your family with you because apparently you will be ogling at all the girls wearing full face veils and robes... The king also almost managed to ban the wearing of the head scarf simply because his daughter did not like wearing it...

Rant over. I don't like the KSA. Though that isn't to say that it doesn't have SOME good in it.

Also :tu::yes:

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