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Chat room help and support

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The following are frequently asked questions about the live chat room.

Q. I'm getting an "unrecognised user" error

Make sure you are entering your display name ( that is the name that appears on your posts ) as oppose your login name ( the name you use when logging in ) when logging in to the chat room and that you are entering your password correctly.

Q. The page loads up but the chat room area is empty

You'll need to have Adobe Flashplayer installed on your browser in order to use the chat.

Q. I still can't get in to the chat room

If you are still experiencing problems accessing the room please either open a thread in the support board or PM me.

Q. How do I add/change the user icon next to my name ?

First enter a room, then click on the square drop-down box on the right hand side of your name on the users list. Click "Edit your profile", then click the "avatar" box. A selection of icons will pop up, select one then click "ok".

Q. How do I shut off the sounds ?

Above the chat room users list on the right are a set of icons, click the audio icon ( third from the left ) to disable sounds.

Q. How do I change the size of the chat room ?

At the top right hand side of the chat room is a drop down box with a selection of sizes you can choose from, the page will reload once you select one so you will need to log back in to the room after you've made the change.

Q. How do I stop directing what I write to a specific user ?

At the bottom left hand corner select "All Users" from the drop down menu.

Q. How I move to a different room ?

You can change rooms by either going back to the lobby and selecting another room or by clicking on the room selection drop down menu located at the top left hand side above the chat pane.

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