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I don't know how many people follow the Web Bot Project, but they had a rather fascintating dead-on hit this past Monday (10/26). George Ure had posted (on his web site) on 10/24, the following:

As we've been writing about for what? 6-9 months now? The linguistics turn that has been tracking for October 25/26 is nearly in view as processing continues.

Just so you understand how this stuff works in a very general sense the October 'turn' was spotted in the last several data runs and may be as much as 85% economic in nature. But now that we're getting close, Cliff and Igor have been watching the data coming back from the forum scouring spiders which are sending in snips of interest to the servers, where in turn they are distilled and analyzed.

So, the latest from Cliff is:

"Latest immediacy data shows it as occurring at 5:12 am 10-26-2009 (time zones are a b***h so let us just say east coast time) and will likely be wrong by about 6 hours as it may actually be 'effective' on the Paris Meridian (the old Rose Line). A small visibility spike occurs at 7:02 am on the 26th so 'damn early Monday morning....'

At the end of the day Monday I emailed Clif talking about refining the prediction process because nothing significant happened. He corrected me. The announcement of the ING bank hit, and the graph of the Dow for Monday showed a near-vertical drop at exactly 5:12 a.m. Paris time.

These guys have a long history of being right about a lot of stuff. They have quite a scenario laid out for the coming months...

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