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Signs that you have eaten too much


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when you get on a digital scale, it says, "one at a time please"

Buttons on your shirt pop open and wound 7 people

Restaurant takes down the "all you can eat" sign

A waiter offers you an after-dinner mint saying that it's "waffer-thin"

All those "Yo mama's so fat..." jokes actually apply to you

You sit down and crush 5 small villages

The moon begins to orbit you instead of Earth

when you walk in high heels, you strike oil

The Town requires that you apply for a variance to remove your pants

When you explode

Your friends spot you on the TV weather map

President personally asks you to save some turkey for the USA for Thanksgiving

Started buffet at breakfast and it is now closing time.

Your Favorite Fast Food Restaurant suddenly closes when they see you approach

You can't get through the bathroom door

when you jump rope people evacuate the city

Spielberg is filming you for footage of his remake of "The Blob"

Floorboards creak every time you take a step

The waiter comes out and says, "Sir, you've eaten too much."

Ur willy's been missing for 2 yrs- long enough to claim it legally dead.

when you go to an all you can eat buffet, they charge you double

you get a hernia without moving

You have to unbutton your pants to sit down.

you sat on a rainbow and skittles popped out

your belt size is the equator

Your chin is starting to resemble rosanne barr

Your wanted photo is placed in the local buffet.

The \"All you can eat\" buffet across the street is now bankrupt

You sat down at the table 3 days ago, and your check hasn't come yet.

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