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inverted suggestions which would be a single word and idea that would best describe something. basically anything i can priecieve you guys cant. black hole is a single particle fountain. It condenses (anything) matter in the universe to its most common distuinguishers and sends them at their fastest potential speed across the curvature of space = basically the mirrors of space = would be priecieved as an unpriecvable wall of inertia. coliding particles would be holy deitistic in nature but without purpose inertia gives it the purpose basically a completely stable magomagnetic wall of completion. the basics of unified field theory = math and all other forms of alien logic reticules=organized brain tissue. you will never leave your current environment for survivals sake. if you were born on earth you are most adapted to it. anywhere else would be unpriecavably survivable in terms of proper perception. true equations are all the same everytime you use them you cant be wrong you are the easiest problem ever created. no ones simplest reasons are any less important than yours you help anyone you can in any way you can. would be considered the externally gracious person for the most simplest reasons of purposes.


all particles in this universe aren't perceivable all at once you must prieceve.

question is can one be overly nice? i mean like making people around you happy? what happens of if you over do it? will people gain too much respect for you? in a sense overly liked back for everything nice you do for them? like positive suggestions for everything they think of?

ideas aren't much but they all have the ability of being priecieved in some way or another. red is always priecieved the same way in the mind but not its vibrance level.

all thoughts have the ability of being concieved under different unifiers. our universe is temporary but the particles themselves arent. the basic building blocks of matter. it just completly reforms every eon = about 100 trillion years on average = every convergence cycle of cohesion. the never ending completion of particulates in the envirnment of everything. the eternity paradox.

cracks in time the ability to redirect substance. illumination of mind is timeless and endless. knowledge is never ending.

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