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Yellow Jackets Invade Mobile Home

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POSTED: 3:15 pm EDT May 18, 2004

UPDATED: 3:43 pm EDT May 18, 2004

Central Florida is abuzz over a recent discovery.

A huge hive was found inside an abandoned mobile home in Hillsborough County.

No one knows how long it was there, but the yellow jacket hive was about the size of a minivan and growing.

Authorities estimated the hive held some 200,000 yellow jackets.

Once an exterminator calmed the insects with chemicals, the hive was cut up and removed.

user posted image

Authorities found a giant yellow jacket hive in Hillsborough County, Fla.

user posted image

The yellow jackets made their hive in an abandoned mobile home.

user posted image

Officials said the hive was as big as a minivan.

user posted image

The hive spilled out a window in the end of the mobile home.

user posted image

The hive held an estimated 200,000 yellow jackets.

user posted image

An exterminator calmed the insects so the hive could be destroyed.

user posted image

The hive took up at least half the mobile home.

NBC5 News

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