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Australian Giant Black Cat Mystery

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Posted By Saruman on Tuesday, November 26 2002

Subject: Australian Giant Black Cat Mystery

Sheep being rounded up and stalked is nothing out of the ordinary in most rural communities, but when the animal doing the stalking has the appearance of a giant black cat, the interest levels tend to rise. At first Mangalo resident Tony King couldn't quite make out exactly what it was he was looking at, but when Lachlan Caddy pulled up and looked at the same animal, the pair were sure they were looking at a giant cat.

Tony said the cat had five sheep huddled together and was pacing around them in decreasing circles as if it was about ready to attack one. "It was pacing around them and then it must have heard Lachlan's car pull up and it started to take off,” Tony said.

"It was easily as high as the sheep (young wethers) it was after and it was slinking down and it had the slenderness of a cat when it was stalking them.” "It was as black as the ace of spades,” Lachlan said.

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