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A ghost city trip to Bruges

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Patrick Bernauw: Want to make a ghost city trip, take the ghost city tour or play the ghost city game in the medieval town of Bruges, Flanders (that's in Belgium), also known as "Bruges-la-Morte"? Visit the most haunted house of Belgium and call up the spirits – the good, the bad and the ugly – with the ouija board. Meet the Succubus of Love Lake and go searching for the Holy Grail and the One & Only Holy Sepulchre. And beware... the Satanist Chaplain of the Holy Blood Chapel Is Watching You!

The Ghost City Tour or Game starts:

"In the dry bedding he dug a grave for Minna. He covered her body with a blanket of water lilies and he stayed with her a full night. After that, he let the water stream again. Soon the grave of his beloved Minna reflected the heavenly blue sky. Then Stromberg rolled a heavy black stone onto the riverbank and he hacked the letters MINNA’S WATER into it. And because the name 'Minna' meant 'love', this also meant Love Lake." 

Read More: The Love Lake Succubus of Bruges-la-Morte

Continue the Ghost City Tour or Game here:

Bruges-la-Morte, by Georges Rodenbach
In 1892 Georges Rodenbach published his masterpiece Bruges-la-Morte. The short novel immediately was acknowledged as one of the greatest achievements of the "decadent movement" in French literature, a vision of a wasteland, a ghost city...

There is No Death in Bruges-la-Morte
In her book on spiritism "There Is No Death", published in 1891, Florence Marryat told the story of a sance that was held in a haunted house in Bruges, that soon would be known as Bruges-la-Morte, because of the famous novel of Georges Rodenbach...

The Demon and Our Lady of Lust
A short story of horror and lust, a little demonic fairy tale of Bruges-la-Morte... Inspired by the illustrations of Felicien Rops.

The Dolls of Death
Look how Our Lady of Lust comes dancing to the tunes of this little serenade, straight through the front wall of the most haunted house of Bruges-la-Morte...

The Holy Blood of Bruges, a New Jerusalem
The Holy Blood of Christ seems to have turned medieval Bruges (in Flanders, Belgium) into a Holy City. It's what, since the 19th century, made tourism popular in Bruges. But maybe this Holy City is not as holy as it seems...

The Holy Sepulchre of Bruges-la-Morte
Visiting the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Bruges-La-Morte, the Venice of the North, is a strange and morbid experience. Not only because the Holy Grave is to be found here, or a statue of the dead Christ,...

The Holy Blood Procession in Bruges
Every year in Bruges, on Ascension Day, the Procession of the Holy Blood takes place. The centerpiece is the coagulated relic of the Precious Blood of Christ. Many thousands of spectators are watching this parade of historical and biblical scenes...

The Satanist Chaplain of the Holy Blood
In 1891 Joris-Karl Huysmans published his novel "Là-bas" in which he paints a fantasy of Satanism and the occult, such as it was reportedly still practiced at that time in Paris and Bruges...

The Code of the Holy Blood
In 1890, the French writer Joris-Karl Huysmans wrote to a young Dutch novelist he was searching for a real demonic priest of Satan... who turned out to be the chaplain of the Holy Blood Chapel in Bruges.

Ghost Music of Bruges-la-Morte. Listen to it while you read:

Very Slow and Spooky French Cancan
In a haunted house in Bruges-la-Morte, you can hear a ghost playing the piano. The lid is always open, a piano stool in place. And every night, the whole street can hear that wonderful music... But where is the pianist?

Ghost Dance
A beautiful young lady dances to the tunes of this ghostly music through the walls of a haunted house in Bruges-la-Morte. She disappears very slowly into the night and into the mist. Do you see her? Can you hear it?

The Spirits of Bruges - a Ghost City Soundscape
Into the Evil Cathedral
Enchanting You

Contact the English Ghost City Tour Guide of Bruges-la-Morte here... and Take the Tour or Play the City Game!

Copyright by Patrick Bernauw.

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