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Criticism surrounds "Fourth Kind" movie


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With the success of Paranormal Activity at the cinemas this year all eyes have been on The Fourth Kind to see whether it can also deliver, claiming to be based on true events however the film hasn't performed as well as its counterpart.

"Chris French: Fourth Kind is, in so many ways, a really awful film. Directed by Olatunde Osunsanmi and released in the UK over the weekend, it purports to be a dramatic reconstruction of events that took place in the city of Nome, Alaska, involving the disappearance of local residents. "

arrow3.gifView: Full Article | arrow3.gifSource: Guardian Unlimited
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Why pick on this Movie? You can start from the viral footage that came out before Blair Witch and work your way thru several films that employed different techniques to lead people on. Furthermore I've seen a disclaimer on the trailers that this film is "based on actual case studies". To me that means it's fiction. Why pick it apart? It's best to just suspend reality and enjoy it. What? You are expecting someone to carry a video camera and document their abduction by Aliens? Give me a break and give this film a break while you're at it.

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Well I do see the guy's point. When T.V. infomercials first started A man went to court to get back all the money his elderly mom had spent on junk. When the judge asked why she bought this stuff she said "Because the man in the television TOLD her to"!

The company did give the money back but it proves the point some people should not watch T.V.

They just don't understand! :wacko:

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And its only fiction....They have no scientific basis



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iv literally just finished watching it and i have to say i did enjoy it, the movie envoked the exact reaction thats to be expected with this kind of film, however i have to say it was very cleverly made (the way the film maker had movie footage next to supposed real footage almost had me for a moment) but im afraid i was not fooled in the end. It was awfully conveinient that the real persons portrayed in the film were given other names and occupations (one could question if they actually do exist in the first place), the way the "real footage" distorted and blurred, showing only minute and disturbing snippets of what was going on, was also "convienient". having mila at the begining of the film stating how real it was a nice touch because it set the scene for the events to come, but i found as the plot progressed, i was less and less convinced by the whole thing and it was easy to start picking holes in their claims. Verdict: im sceptical at the best of times so i figure if you do believe in E.T it definately worth a watch, just don't take it too seriously!! good film though.

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product claim: using this product will make you cool

south park did a decent job sending this up. "pandemic and pandemic 2:the startling"

listen to the commentary (trey and matt) of those 2 episodes. they will give you an insight into what's going on here..

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