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Dreams may have physiological role


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It has long been assumed that the process of dreaming has significant psychological functions but a Harvard psychiatrist has put forward the idea that the real function of dreaming may actually be physiological in nature.

"Dreams have long been assumed to have psychological functions such as consolidating emotional memories and processing experiences or problems, but according to a Harvard psychiatrist and sleep researcher the real function may actually be physiological. "

arrow3.gifView: Full Article | arrow3.gifSource: PhysOrg.com
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Whew...that was good but the problem with the dream is that we cant prove any of it and that is why the Scientific world is still processing thousand theories on dreams



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IMO, dreams are us just thinking while asleep...no meaning, no purpose...just like when we think of something and it happens or someone say just what you were thinking, its the same thing when people say dreams come true. Like when you leave the tv on and you think your dreaming something but your really just hearing the tv...Hell, 1 night i was sleep and i'm dreaming i'm singing on stage for a bunch of people...but then i wake up and the movie "Sweeney Todd" was on and it was actually johnny depp singing

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