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Photon belt yes or no

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While ago I posted a long paragraph on a local Hong Kong forum (in Cantonese) about how astronomy explains photon belt isn't "real"., while I am also open-minded it might be something that we don't know. just when you dig out the source of the original speaking "German writer Paul Otto Hesse described his beliefs about the belt and its impact in his 1949 book Der Jüngste Tag (English: "The Recent Day")." it was just a theory without much support from a German writer a few decades ago.

After all those points I've listed out, someone posted a "news" that scientists find out there IS photon belt at the edge of our solar system in Chinese. the word "photon belt" even is in the paragraph, very convincing.

But I post 2 other link that I found the news in English (which those Chinese news were translated from the English news and added in personal edition from the reporters), the English news I post are :



I explains to him that in the English news there only mention a discovery of an unknown heavenly body which is the Solar system version of Aurora. In the English news there are not "Photon belt" or even "photon" in it, the news only said there are some bright atoms, and most of the descriptions are not fit into the Paul Otto Hesse's theories. It really looks like it, but also not very likely.

Of course I can't be totally right or wrong as there are much more we don't know. Just many are willing to believe in it and when ever someone trying to understand more with opposite ideas they would get really upset.

When sciences proof something is there, believers who doesn't want to accept the truth would goes "our technology isn't there to understand yet"

but when sciences proof something cannot be there, believers would go the otherway round, and to me it was just "choose to believe".

I am open-mind to possibles, like such a huge universe I don't think mankind is the only intelligent exist. But when we know that even the original source is just a suggestion or theories, or even channeling and then to believe it 100% is superposition to me ...

anyone want to share your thoughts or share your personal opinions?

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We can make theories about the outer structure of the solar system


and modify those theories based on on information gathered by satellites.

but if our solar system has a particular structure then other solar systems will have similar structure so in theory looking at other stars with finer resolutions and different sensors might give data that confirms or disproves the hypothesis. Belief only comes into science in a limited sense that scientists will believe that designing a better experiment might do this.

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