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People can type with only their thoughts


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Scientists have revealed that by implanting electrodes in a human brain that person is able to type on a computer using only their mind, a breakthrough that lands us one step closer to purely thought-based communications.

"By focusing on images of letters, people with electrodes in their brains can type with just their minds, scientists now reveal. These findings make up one more step on the road to mind-machine interfaces that may one day help people communicate with just their thoughts. "

arrow3.gifView: Full Article | arrow3.gifSource: Live Science
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Sometimes I wonder who would volunteer to add electrodes in their brain. I'm sure some are disabled patients, but are some being paid to try risky experiments like that?

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I wouldn't do it, that's for sure. Put them in, then technology advances, all of a sudden all your thoughts are public broadcasts. No more alone time... <_<

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