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IF something bad happened.

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(I'm not to sure where to post this, so if i'm in the wrong spot, slap me, and stick it in the correct area. )

My GF and i were just discussing a few things about the end of life as we know it, you know, Nuke war, aliens, plauge, impact, etc.

The question came up.. If something were to happen, how would the population (america, for example) react?

We came to the conclusion that a vast majority of people, would riot obviously, but that they'd be looting places like best buy, instead of hitting up Sporting goods stores, Surplus stores, and places like Sams or BJ's.

How would everyone here react, and please, how do you think the population as a whole would react?

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I live in a very rural mountain area on a river. Because of the remoteness of where we live, we already have lots of foods stocked away, and have access to fresh water via our well.

Other than lack of electricty to run my computer(banish the thought), not much would change where I live. I wouldn't loot, as I wouldn't need to. I have plenty of food and water, as well as access to lots more fresh water and food in the game in the area(Not that I would want to, but they are there if need arises...)

As for the rest of society I think many would loot and steal for lack of being prepared, some would loot and steal just because they could. Overall though, I think most people are good, and in the end the good folks would continue to do the right thing and we'd all get along ok...

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well i live near Albany NY, so we have the complete influence of NYC. (not to sound racist, or sterotypical)

I've seen people around here blow tax returns (and then some) on huge TV's, cars, audio equiptment, when they can't even afford to properly feed or clothe thier children.

From what I've observed locally, rioting would be insane.. jewlery, electronics, etc etc.

personally, I'm prepared.. I've hunted and camped since i was old enough to. I took a 6 week long survival course that ended with 2 weeks "alone" with barely nothing. (In winter i may add).

I own enough of the basics to get me going, guns, knives, medical gear, water. food can be accuired later, because if things went bad.. i would not stay within 200 miles of here. and could reall ynot afford the weight of a weeks worth of food.

I figure, given 48 hours notice, my fiance and i could make that 200 miles, on

foot/bike if need be. (Figure 10 miles/hour, 10 hours a day)

I don't drive.. there's no reason i need to contribute to the decay of the earth.. But I'm considering buying a cheap, used, SUV and stocking it with everything we would need in an emergency. Park it in the garage, and if things go wrong, we jump in, and go where we need to. (Will an SUV drive 200 miles on a single tank?)

I've read all the "end of the world" theories, ancient mayan, to John Titor, and i can't say who's right and who's wrong (Titor had SOME POINTS tho)

anyway.. if you subscribe to this end of the world as we know it stuff, be prepared thumbsup.gif

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