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Fossilised tree trunk found in Anglesey

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Fossilised tree trunk found in Anglesey
Click here to watch video - 05:37s

Standing with Stones is a remarkable and unprecedented documentary film that takes the viewer beyond Stonehenge on an incredible journey of discovery that reveals the true wealth and extent of Neolithic and Bronze Age Britain & Ireland.

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Astute One

It would take more than a few million years to fossilize that log. This is very strong evidence that intelligent beings were here a long, long time ago. Could be man, and the implications are profound.


Could that be a dirty, dust covered log, and not petrified wood. I've seen it before. Also the area where the cut is appears to have turned brown, where he has been wiping indicating he wiped the dirt off. If it is a log, they can look at the rings and date it. Considering where it is found, its probably not that old, or it would have rotted already.

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