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Roswell crash talk, before all the hoopla


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Posted (IP: Staff) ·
Anthony Bragalia returns with another piece about the Roswell incident being discussed prior to the 1980 book release. Some believe that the Roswell incident was only really brought up in 1980 after the publication of the book "The Roswell Incident" however in this article Bragalia details accounts of the incident from several decades before this.

"Skeptics who say that the Roswell UFO crash was never discussed before 1980 with the publication of the seminal book "The Roswell Incident" are wrong. In fact, the 1947 UFO event in New Mexico was brought up in many ways -and at many times- throughout the 1950's, 1960's and 1970's."

arrow3.gifView: Full Article | arrow3.gifSource: UFO Iconoclast(s)
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The article is well researched although I wouldn't have use Wilhelm Reich as a reference, the man (who died in prison in what was called one of the worst case in censorship from FDA) was not exactly someone we could call a reliable source.

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The whole Roswell mythology descended from the first press releases on July 8,1947, where it was stated that a "flying saucer" or "flying disc" had been recovered.

Details of the object, however, were scant or lacking altogether.

One reported communication on the same day as the press release, which was obviously not made public until later, was an FBI telex where the object was described in more detail:


Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roswell_UFO_Incident#Contemporary_accounts_of_materials_found

A flying disc suspended from a balloon by cable? Does this really sound like a UFO?

IMO it's not necessary to dig any deeper. You won't find any UFO's there.

Edited by Bud Rasputin
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Hotly debated this one, and a interesting article to be certain, though I am always weary of articles as one sided as this. Even die hard believers should strive to remain objective, that way you seperate fact from wishful thinking. Though that being said of all the "if's, maybe's and might be's" floating around I would say this has one of the better chances of being true.

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Interesting article. Thanks! :tu:

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Another thread containing that darn 'UFO' :alien:

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uuuuuufffffffhhoooooooo-oooooohhhhh oh oh oh

Can you go ahead and exit stage left you weirdo :wacko:

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From the link

In 1957's "Contact With Space" Reich recounts a 1955 trip to Tucson, AZ to conduct "weather and energy experimentation" using a device that he designed and called a "cloudbuster" along with other devices made to attract UFOs. On his way to Tucson, he relates that he "felt compelled" to stop at a small town called Roswell, NM. Reich decided to make "field observations" there at Roswell. In the 1957 book, Reich makes specific (albeit brief) mention of what he called the Roswell area's "strange imbalance" of what he believed were "UFO energies" related to forces he called "DOR/OR."

Maybe it is just me, but I do not think "UFO energies" can be considered a publication.

Even the proponents do not seem to see it like Mr Bragalia.

I think these early mentions of Roswell never really entered the public consciousness but it is still nice to see them collected like this.

This changes absolutely nothing. Apart from 2 or so publications that called the Roswell incident a downed balloon, nothing entered public consciousness.

Kevin Randles view:

In 1976 he and researcher Robert Cornett were researching trace landing cases in the Midwest. They both had an opportunity to interview a former Air Force sergeant who told them that he was tasked to "stage a solution" to a UFO sighting. The sergeant had explained to the investigators that he had trucked the debris of a weather balloon into a town, and, according to Randle, "told all who would listen that this is what they had seen, or what their neighbors had seen. The wreckage contained the silvery elements of the rawin radar reflectors, the neoprene balloon envelope, and the balsa sticks that had formed the frame of the reflector." Randle asked him "how often have you done this?" The sergeant replied, "Only once." When Randle asked him where this had taken place, the sergeant replied, "at Roswell, NM." This remarkable story was told in 1976, years before the publication of the first book on the Roswell crash.

Appears to be in line with Lost Shamans Intelligence Operations hypothesis.

Lydia Sleppy

As the woman was typing the fantastic news item over the teletype to their other two stations, a line appeared in the middle of her text, tapped in from somewhere, with the official order, 'Do not continue this transmission!'

The teletype machine used by Sleppy had a manual transmit/receive switch. This claim is therefore quite impossible.


Glaze stated that Loretta granted him permission to explore her property, but also told him what he thought to be a "wild story" at the time. Loretta told Glaze, "If you find anything unusual, let me know." Loretta then related to Professor Glaze that about a dozen years prior a "crashed UFO" from another world had fallen to Earth on a nearby ranch- the Foster Ranch. Glaze stated that Loretta "talked a lot" about this event but that he did not hold much credence to it until he was reminded of his encounter with her after he read the book "The Truth About the UFO Crash at Roswell" many years later. Glaze then remembered the long conversation that he had decades earlier with the ranch woman- and that what was told in the book was the precise story she had told him so many years prior.

I am confused as to how someone involved mentioning it to a visitor makes it a remembered event. Only Proctor and Glaze are involved in this story, and as Mac Brazels neighbor, it seems incredible that someone would not talk about the incident when so close to it.

In fact the only reference I can find in the link is Edward's book.

"Flying Saucers: Serious Business" book on page 76 he writes: "There are such difficult cases as the rancher near Roswell, New Mexico, who phoned the Sheriff that a blazing disc-shaped object had passed over his house at low altititude and had crashed and burned on a hillside within view of his house. We were not told, however, why the military cordoned off the area while they inspected the wreckage."

And apart from the Look magazine article, this is about it isn't it? I do believe the people referred to in the above as skeptics are aware of the two publicised instances. A few personal discussions hardly means the tale remained in full swing the whole time, or was recognised by more than those directly involved all along anyway. Looks very much like nothing has changed.

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The only thing i have never understood is how the first report flat out said they recovered a flying disc. The pictures clearly showed balloon debris. Not a single person around could have looked at that debris and came to the conclusion they had a flying disc. I believe there is a cover up, i just dont know if it was soviet, top secret, or alien. Secondly, a while back i heard a lot about the memo that is in General Ramey's hand as he stands over the debris; it was said that some of it could now be read using modern technology and it discussed the coverup and shipment of the disc. I havent heard any thing else about that in a long time.

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