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Report: U.S. hostage beheaded in Saudi Arabia


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I read it was a shooting. The family is waiting for news...conflicting reports.

Everyone is in mourning for Matt Maupin here and the family is in agony waiting. The family think he is dead. Our government is not saying it is Matt they shot....they don't know! These poor people don't know now if he is alive or dead!

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We both agree that the americans need to just go in, and take care of this matter once and for all!  Why are we wasting the lives of americans?What are we waiting for? I say don't give them any kind of warning, just go in, and wipe them all out

It's a politcal bunch of BS. We need to "help" them again, to make America look like it's still the Badass in the world.

Also, if we went in and "Wiped them all out" whoever made that call would be tried for war crimes.

But, I'd have to say, i agree with you.

My method would be to build a big wall around them, and pump in water from the persian gulf. Total cost of such a project would be minimal, compared to the price of Nukes, and high end bombs.

Considering we've lost two now, and they've lost thousands, i'd say if you wanted to make it fair we'd have to send alot more innocent men for the beheading

How many americans have died in this bull Sh** war? 900 something? Not to mention 9-11, and other attacks?

What you speak of is called "genocide". It's generally frowned upon around the world and is comparable to what Hitler wanted. Not to mention the countless lives lost, which is wrong in all ways.

So what to you call 50 thousand or so Middle eastren people who have vowed to kill americans, in bulk, whenever possible? If they had the power, they'd do it to us without a second thought.

And you consider that honorable? Or fair?

Hmm.. An eye for an eye.. Was hijacking planes and killing thousands of innocenct civi's honorable?

No. You are wrong. Life should be preserved at all costs.

So, if someone had a gun to your head, would you try to kill them?

It's called "humane treatment". We can't just go out and attack someone merely because terrorists harm people from our country

Would it be better if we sat at home waiting for the next attack? Should our soldiers not shoot when a 10 year old kid runs at them with an AK-47 under his shoulder?

Our code of laws happens to have progressed considerably since Hammurabi's time.

Quite right! Our laws have.. thiers have not. Try doing a search on the internet for "Iraqi rape punishment" Not quite an eye for an eye... but it's close.

(if you can't find it, I have a copy.. rather grahpic.. and it'll make men cry.)

I hate people who think Americans are better people than the rest of the humans in the world. They are exactly the same. NO one in the world deserves to be murdered.

Finally, i find something to kinda agree with Burnside on... But while i feel it's wrong to kill people for no reason... I'm afraid to admit we do have a reason.

Terrorist number grow everyday.. these people have vowed war on the united states, and they attacked first. I feel it's vital to America to "Cut the head of the snake" before another attack comes.

I find it odd that during WW2, the US put japanese-americans into concetration camps. They feared spies, and sabbotage. If another attack comes from people who are already in the US, we could very well see that policy reborn.

I really don't agree with the hundreds/thousands of innocent people who have died, but they're collateral damage, crap happens. It's better we're TRYING to stop them from attacking again, then sitting at home fearing for thier civilian casualties.

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ok, all lives are inportant...

so why the **** arnt the iraqi lives being counted!

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One of the commanders over there a while back called what we are doing in Fallujah, 'playing patty cake with these guys'. When they behead the Marine they have hostage...all hell will break out.....trust me. disgust.gif

No more patty-cake.....cocks 357 and hands BA a 50 caliber machine gun

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let me break it down like this.

John kills the following people: Mike, Justin, Cindy and DJ.

Police track down John, and he resists, pulling out a gun.

Police shoot John.

Police acted correctly, they get rewarded for thier quick thinking.

Now... Try it in an international situation.

Taliban kills 3000+ innocent americans.

America goes to thier homeland, to find others.

Others resist arrest, suicide bombing, and pulling out guerilla tactics.

Americans Capture/Kill as many bad guys as they can. Sadly, some civilians get killed.

America is wrong, because they tried to catch those who hurt america? (THIS IS BS!)


The police find out Billy Jo plans to kill her brother, Bobby Jo.

Police find Billy Jo, but she pulls out a gun, refusing to be captured.

Police shoot Billy Jo, to protect themselves, and to ultimately protect Bobby Jo.

Police acted correctly, they get rewarded for thier quick thinking.

Now... Try it in an international situation.

America finds out others are planning to attack the US.

America tries to find them, most resist, using force.

Americans shoot to protect themselves, and sadly, some civilians get killed.

Again, america is wrong.. and again, it's a load of BS.

Would you rather the above senarios happened like this :

Police find out Homer Simpson is planning to kill your XxXxX (wife, hubby, kid, sister, mother, whatever).

Instead of stopping Homer, they're afraid they civilians could get caught in the cross fire.. so they do nothing.

a week later, homer murders XxXxX.

Or, again.. an international senario.

After 9-11, America finds out Taliban is planning to strike again.

Fearing civi deaths, they do nothing.

A week later, a nuke goes off in LA.

Now, America is wrong.. because they did nothing to protect the few million people killed in the blast.

I use to be against this war... until the day i sat down and realized that the entire thing is to protect YOU AND ME.

Crap happens in war. Innocent people get killed. While this is a bad thing, it's also unavoidable. Civilian casualties have always been a part of war, and they always will be. It's a fact of life that people need to get over.

*IF* another attack were to happen on US soil, something major that dwarfs 9-11, I'd love to see everyone still sing and dance the peace song. And it's not just the US.. what if LONDON were the target next time? would people from the UK still think this is all for nothing?

People have no will to be patriotic anymore... Hell, after the bombing of pearl harbor, American citizens were one minded. REVENGE.. and this lasted for years After 9-11.. yea, a lot of people hung american flags.. but quickly, they became nothing more then sunbleached rags on sticks.

To the people who watched 9-11 over CNN, and never really felt anything more then a minor patriotic beltch, you can't understand the amount of rage and hatred that flares through your system when your sitting at home, praying the person on the other end of the phone is about to bring your world down.

I was lucky.. the person i was worried about was stuck in traffic a few blocks away when the first plane hit. But the rage has never subsided. And my rage isn't pointed at any person from the the middle east, don't get me wrong.. I have a number of friends who have moved here from Sudan, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc.

My feeling are toward the people who have sworn to inflict pain on this country, and her people.

(To the Mods.. I know, when a topic gets to this point, it's usually deleted. But this is something that SHOULD be discussed. I know, a lot of **** will be thrown, but if people are truly against everything I've stated in this post, I'd really like to hear it.-)

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So wait...is billy-jo in the taliban? or is it bobby-jo? and john is a police officer, right? And why did the police want to shoot Homer? I thought he worked at a nuclear power plant...


So you are saying that Homer Simpson is in the Taliban? Oh...I got it now...

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The suggestion, then, would be to start a new thread addressing the points you have made and asking for feedback. I'm debating whether this thread should remain open much longer anyway, as discussions are tending to lose their relevance to the topic.


Edit; and I see Fluff has pretty much proven my point. I"ll give you a few minutes to copy and paste your post to a notepad or word program, hunter, and then I'm going to lock this thread down.

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In retaliation, if you lock it, i could copy/paste anytime =)

Point taken, making new thread

Thanks MM

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