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A haunting in Vallejo


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Paul Dale Roberts: The date is February 6, 2010, Saturday and I have my investigative team heading over to Vallejo. 37 Balboa Avenue to be exact. HPI Researcher Laurie Rutledge of England discovered some interesting facts about this residence. The notorious Good Servant Orphanage has a connection to this property. It is said that the orphans were used to work this land. The orphans went through all kinds of torture from lobotomies, to electrical shocks to the brain to whippings. It is kind of odd, that one of the apparitions seen by Carolann Castro (occupant) is a small girl with brunette hair that zips here and there in her home. Could it be that some of the orphans from this notorious orphanage haunt this property? Another factor that Laurie discovered is that the Suisun Indians roamed this land and collected mystical rocks. Unusual rocks are found on this property. One rock that was discovered is a rock with a star shape. Another rock was the Heart of Stone rock. An actual rock that looks like a human heart and was featured on Coast to Coast AM.

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