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Britain's prehistory decoded


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Geoff Ward: Tom Brooks looks out across the Dorset uplands of England with a countryman's assured eye, but also with a frown. Here, near the village of Milborne St Andrew, the latest Ordnance Survey maps show a prehistoric long barrow, or "chambered tomb".

But the monument has long gone - only a slight rise in the field suggests its one-time location. "You wouldn't know there had been one there at all," Tom says. "And along the hedgerow, there's supposed to be a tumulus, but it's not there either."

On Tom's own doorstep in Devon, where he lives with his wife Sue, the hill camp of Stockland Great Castle is under threat, reduced in size by half over the years by agricultural encroachment.

Tom, a retired marketing director, is deeply concerned about such losses because of a remarkable discovery he has made - that our ancestors perfected a kind of Stone Age sat-nav system.

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Sorry to burst your bubble but no more than three days ago, an article about a Turkish temple 11 500 years old was published right here on Unexplained Mysteries... the article was originally from the time.. and just in case you miss it.. here's the link.. again..

:innocent: :innocent: :innocent: :innocent: :innocent: :innocent: :innocent:


mea culpa mea culpa mea maxima culpa, I thought the article was from the time and it's from newsweek... thus the edition

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Fascinating stuff. I would dearly love to know when many of the neolithic structures dotted around the country were actually constructed - and how! The standing circles in the Orkneys have always fascinated me. I mean, just after the ice age that must have been a bleak and unwelcoming chain of islands to settle on. I've never been convinced by the accepted truth that these are post-ice age as the place would have been all but uninhabitable.

I'm off to buy this guy's book....

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