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The haunted vaults of Edinburgh's South Bridge


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Posted (IP: Staff) ·
Stephen Emerson takes a walk through the dark haunted vaults under Edinburgh in search of the paranormal. The Edinburgh vaults are often considered to be the most haunted place in Britain, built in the 18th century the dark rooms and corridors underneath the bustling streets have been the setting for numerous ghost sightings and stories.

"It's just past midnight on a bitterly cold evening in the heart of Edinburgh's Old Town, an icy wind nips the finger-tips while wild screams fire back and forth along the Cowgate as stumbling figures stagger into the darkness under South Bridge."

arrow3.gifView: Full Article | arrow3.gifSource: Scotsman
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"At the end of the evening, Sara said that tonight had been rather "quiet" compared to previous ghost hunts.

I, however, left with a impression that there is definitely something going on in those vaults that cannot be easily explained. "

The chink of coins dropping into an outstretched palm as more fools part with their hard earned pennies chasing shadows...


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ive been here its absolutly amazing likes.

same. it's creepy.

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