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A nuclear Iran would endanger world stability


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So, would it work the other way around too? I mean if an Iranian battlegroup is suddenly found in Hudson river, would the threat to deter it be a threat to attack Iran itself?

it would have been better to have used the st Lawrence river since it is the one between two nations and not between to states.

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As soon as they were to use nukes in this hypothetical situation they would be wiped from existence. We wouldn't need a moon for the glow from Persia would do the trick.

There is no way a country, who has never actually attacked another country, and with a rich history, thousands of years old, would ever use a nuke. It would be the end of the country, literally. To assume they would, is to be extremely paranoid.

Besides, there is nothing to suggest they are even looking to acquire nukes. Everything about their nuclear program is closely monitored - to the point that they have cameras in every installation watching every move of every person.

I'm with conspiracysrus on this :tu:

I totally agree, most of what is said about Iran here in the west is nothing but propaganda and lies, but unfortunately quite a lot of people still buy into those lies and believe wholeheartedly what they read in the media.

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and the man is right. whenever you are in a position to strike an enemy and you can be assured of success you should do it. because there will come a day when you cannot assure victory and you will pay a much heavier price.

The US and Nato are powerful but we use that to try and trample over weaker rival nations in diplomacy.

Thats wrong we should show them a more human side based on respect and compassion. Many nations wont tolerate bullying behaviour they will stand their ground as Iran is doing and being aggressive and hostile towards them just creates mistrust.

I think Iran is developing nukes and from its perspectic it probably thinks it needs them because of how we are to them.

We also arent considering the people we took land off to recreate Israel with. That in itself was wrong. It solves the where to put the Jews problem but it creates another one as now you've wronged some Arab people. Its like the Danes getting genocided so the UN gives them South-East England because they were originally Jutes there. Its a stupid idea.

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I think Iran is developing nukes and from its perspectic it probably thinks it needs them because of how we are to them.

Iran's nuclear program is transparent. If they were working towards a nuke, the IAEA would know about it. In the last IAEA report they stated that they know where all nuclear material in Iran is. All the facilities have cameras being constantly watched anyways so as soon as anything was going on we would know about it.

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