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Mindset, Worldview, and Dogma

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I was reading the thread about Lucy the hominid. What I saw was a conflict between incompatible schools of belief and thoughts.

Humans are, as I always stress, not logical or rational by default. It takes years of mental conditioning and education to make a person...intellectually reliable.

Quite frankly, I feel the urge to use some really nasty profanity on those who hold onto the belief that some religious codex compiled 1700 years ago holds the absolute, universal facts and truth. I used to be one of those hundreds of millions of believers living in America, and I suffered the consequence of being a naive believer. I suffered a very unique form of psychosomatic pain that lead me to suicidal attempt, and my suffering was triggered by my desperate plea to that Jewish Gay Carpenter. After I went through such excruciating pain, I became extremely hostile to Biblical worldview. I simply cannot tolerate Christian faith (and other organized religions) because of the horrible psychosomatic pain I suffered.

I'd be happy to push the buttons of the believers. I'd be happy to see them losing temper and going nuts.

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Star of the Sea

Suffering is a terrible thing. I hope you have come through it now. My dad always use to say to me 'you only hurt yourself when you hold onto things'. I hope you find peace.wub.gif

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