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Weather effects of sunspots

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Doctor Francis LeBlanc, director of the physics and astronomy department at Université de Moncton and a recognized expert on the sun, said his answer to whether or not sunspots have a major effect on our seasons would be "a categorical -- 'No.'".

LeBlanc said in an interview that the amount of energy coming to the Earth from sunspots would be very small, indeed, so any effects they could have on climate would have to be "minute,".

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Br Cornelius

Not wishing to disagree with the conclusions that man has made, but direct measurable incident solar energy is never the point of discussion within climate change debate. What is claimed, with a certain degree of credibility, is that the sun spots have an indirect effect on climate via cloud albedo.

I am still researching the validity of such claims - but to argue the case from direct energy input is pointless as it will convince no-one.

Br Cornelius

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