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Still Waters

Pictured: Sculpted icebergs in Antarctica

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These breathtaking photographs capture the natural majesty of enormous icebergs sculpted into architectural forms by the wind and rain of Antarctica.

In an array of unexpected shapes, some icebergs are reminiscent of cathedrals of ice whereas others appear to have been chiselled or drilled by human hands.

The chunks of ice float off the western Antarctic Peninsula amid the populations of wildlife including Gentoo penguins and humpback whales .

They feature arches, pillars and buttresses all whittled into shape by decades of southern storms.

Steven Kazlowski, 40, a photographer who toured the area on a 62-foot sailing boat, said: "There's a lot of shapes you don't normally see in nature.

"It's like they had been crafted by a master carver.

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12 Images here...

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I love the 3rd one, the one with penguins :lol:

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