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Women prefer feminine men, new research says

Still Waters

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Well I don't like to big myself up - I find being humble is the way to go! :rofl::ph34r:

It really only just makes you more attractive. ;)

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LOL! Hi Nicky!

Who is that pretty girl in the picture with you?

Just kiddin all that is actually my younger brother.

I dunno there Jon, all you boys are kinda pretty... I think your brother got hit with the pur-tay stick the hardest though. But I'm totally biased. Like totally. LOL.

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well you do have to be over 18 to fully appreciate the love of great man sweat!!!!.......

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No hair on my chest, no muscles on my arms, I do not watch contact sports, and beer tastes ugly but mixed and fruity drinks are OK to get tipsy with. I am also emotional and not afraid to admit it. Never had a problem with the type of girls I prefer, very thin girlie girls.

The macho guys into metal used to pick on me when I was a skater in middle school into softer new wave music. They were just jealous and never got any girls lol. Being weaker I did have to learn to fight back and dirty too but I'd rather not ruin my clothes at all.

I believe what women love most of all in a man regardless of all other factors is a sense of confidence.

Me too :D

Although, I do like sport and beer and have hair and muscles.

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LOL this is officially my favorite thread right now. Seriously. I think I'll post me up a pic of my hubby for ya'll to see...


*sigh* Tis a good pic, but I'll have to try and find another...cuz that one's a little small.

Here's him holding our 2 oldest...kinda an old pic (that little girl he's got is 10 now!), but he hasn't actually changed much. LOL


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