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Still Waters

Mountain fog used as water supply

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A WATER-stressed rural community of Mount Ayliff in Transkei has been given some relief with water made from fog.

The project, which was made possible by the Alfred Nzo District Municipality and University of South Africa climatologist, professor Jana Olivier, has already yielded positive results.

More than 30 households in Cabazana Village in Mount Ayliff have already tasted the water from the fog-harvesting project, where it was launched this week.

The project was launched in the Nolangeni Mountains on the boundaries of KwaZulu-Natal.

“I have been doing research on fog for 20 years. My work at first was focused on fog as a health hazard to vehicles and what fog is and where it forms.

“Then we started doing research on fog harvesting. We got funding from the Water Research Commission…then we designed the fog water system,” Olivier said.

Olivier said they have made nets out of stainless steel and a gutter to trap the fog.

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