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Alleged Cydonian "city" Debate Continues

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On August 29, Richard Hoagland of The Enterpise Mission released a paper describing the results of their month-long analysis of an infra-red (IR) image received by the Mars Odyssey space probe of the Cydonia region of Mars and released to the public by Arizona State University (ASU) on July 24. Simultaneously, Hoagland made an appearance on the Coast to Coast AM program with Art Bell to publicize his findings. During the appearance, Hoagland alleged that a second image was passed to The Enterprise Mission (TEM) associate Keith Laney on July 25 which differed substantially from the original image available for download from the ASU website. Hoagland went on to claim that this image showed a city buried under ice at Cydonia. The second image was alleged to have come into Laney's possession by ASU staff specifically redirecting him to the image showing the claimed city.

Much controversy and debate subsequently ensued as to the legitimacy of the second image which came into TEM's hands. While TEM was adamant that the image that they obtained represented genuine data (claiming that the public version represented sanitized data with the alleged city removed), others suspected that the TEM version was a fake.

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