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Still Waters

'Green' light bulbs could damage environment

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Energy saving light bulbs are threatening to damage the environment as tons of the toxic devices are being dumped in landfill every year.

Councils are failing to heed warnings that chemicals contained in the bulbs are dangerous and must be recycled to prevent them contaminating the ground, the Daily Telegraph has learned.

The EU has already started phasing out incandescent light bulbs and by 2012 all traditional lamps will be illegal.

Instead consumers have to buy more expensive energy-saving bulbs. The new compact fluorescent lamps or CFLs have been criticised for giving off a dim "greenish" light and even causing skin rashes and migraines.

The latest complaint against the 'eco bulbs' is that they are actually damaging the environment because thousands of the bulbs are being dumped in the bin rather than recycled.

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