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How do you approach the study of paranormal?

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I saw that in this section there is a debate between skeptics and spiritualists and big part of the debate is about religion. In my opinion, I think this is just one of the aspects of the debate, and it can’t be reduced to that. In this sort of discussion there is a main problem: debaters generally have prejudices, while in every confrontation it would be suitable to have an open view of the themes.

Debate between spiritualism and skepticism doesn’t involve only religion, also science has an important part, and not just in the sense of a contrast between science and religion. I’m talking about two different conceptions of science itself: those who thinks which every event out of the laws of science should re-write the entire discipline, and those who thinks every phenomena out of these laws should be reduced to something false in order to save to science building.

If we pay too much attention to the debate, we forget that the main point is not “who is right?” but the right question in every event is “what really happened?”. Now the problem is that in the last century science preferred to save his rule and so ignored or tried to denigrate facts which could question its foundations.

It’s not a question or believers or not believers, but it’s an objective matter of facts and science. When a scientist find an event of that kind, his main worry is to try that it is false, while it should be to study the event and if he finds out a new rule, he should inscribe it into the “book of science”. This is the only way for science to go on, otherwise it will lose its connection with real world.

To make a progress, science should study without prejudices border-line phenomena, above all paranormal and unexplained, trying to explain. The problem is the explanation shouldn’t be based on “abstracts rational” ideas, but on what really happened. Let me know what you think about that.

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I agree and I think science is not too far away from realizing it either. In the east it has always been this way and they have attemped to measure the subtle energies of the human body. I believe this to be the way forward although it is a massive leap for most scientists. The human mind and body reacts differently to stimulus depending on the person so in a way the subjective reality is the only true reality we have.

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