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Still Waters

Slop buckets in offices planned to encourage

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Still Waters
Office workers should have access to a slop bucket near their desks to dispose of apple cores, tea bags and under food waste, according to Government plans to improve recycling by business.

Already households are being forced to install “slop buckets” in kitchens so that unwanted food can be collected separately.

In a report drawn up to boost recycling rates by business, companies are also encouraged to also start collecting food waste separately.

Experts said this could mean introducing slop buckets into offices and some companies are already removing traditional bins from beside desks so that workers are forced to put paper, empty drinks cans or food waste in the correct recycling bin.

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Now there's some good eatin' on the lunch menu there.

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The Silver Thong

Why would they call it a slop bucket and not an organice waste bucket or a compost pail. Slop buckets sounds so yucky lol.

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