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Who controls police appointments?


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Given the current legal action by the UK home secretary to force Humberside police authority to suspend Chief constable Westwood (BBC News report), I was wondering what the denizens of UM thought....

Who should have the final word in police personel matters?

The authority on the ground who see what is actualy being done, what is the persons fault and what is mearly circumstancial (Such as unclear guidelines from the Home office!)?

Or a politician who is likely to have other agenda's such as pandering to certain sections of public opinion and distracting people from the faliours of his own department, rather than just 'the best man for the job'?

My own opinion should be clear from the tone of the question. Surely the reason we have local authoritys in the chain of command is for them to make the decisions with the insight of day to day involvement in the area. If you have a problem with the way they are handling their job then you appoint diffrent people next time .... what you don't do is get in the way of them doing their job by starting a legal p***ing contest over your right to meddle in areas that have been already delegated!

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