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My life stucked into twilight zone

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I lost a classmate of 9 years and friend on April 25 2010 saturday before midnight...He was 20...In a car crash

- I had a dream on April 25 2008 of a funeral-

- I was worring about someone called Nico and Davide...I know so many people with that name...Got a very bad feeling

- I was waiting April 25 for a warning sign for something coming in May

My friend Grace lost a friend, Davide, on 4 am April 25 2010 in a car crash, age 18...

Both Nico and Davide on their last hours had a dinner with people...They were born March 18 and October 18...

Both me and Grace when we knew the news of the events were listening to music...In front of a computer

I still didn't know about Grace and Davide, and I was convinced I was going to share something with a blonde girl, like Grace is, about death and loss...

It happened...

On the day of the funeral I've seen in the evening, in a mall, a poster of a book author called Nicholas, like Nico is called...And a young man with his same tattoo on the same arm...

The name Luca was told during the funeral, and the day after the funeral I met Luca my best friend and I've seen a young man with a school bag with name " Luka "...

One day, when me and Nico were little I gave him as a gift a book nr. 19 from a series, with a butterfly on the cover...He died just after his 19th year...

When I was talking to Grace this morning we also mentioned Final Destination the movie...

Today night on tv there is just that movie, incredibly, Final Destination 2...

During the funeral, when I sat down near a friend, in the church, I told myself " We will hug each other after this "...

When the funeral was over, I was starting to cry and he wasn't around, but he came near me and started to hug me and we did hug each other...

I feel like my life got stucked in a twilight zone, where everything I imagine happens for real.

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..... I think you have a duplicate post on this somewhere?? lol. Forgive me if not.

You're psychic is all. You're not lost in the twilight zone. Embrace what you have. Learn to bridle and harness it. Learn to live with it. Don't let it run your life and whatever you do, don't obsess over it. Obsession can lead to overanalyzing and creating problems within your own mind. You don't want that now do you?


Enjoy what comes your way and don't be so overwhelmed by it. Focus on your normal life and let these things just be little tid bits of oddities.

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Timid Ares

Sounds like a strong intuition instinct.

Even a psychic prediction, if you want to go that far. Ive had a few myself, inherited from my grandmother im told.

Like bornmystic says, dont obsess over it. Ive found that the less I dwell on it, the more frequent and accurate my insight is.

That is, treat it more like and instinct than an ability.

Sorry for you loss, best of luck.

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