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Prophecy vs Prediction

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Ok, so lets say someone claims to be divinley inspired (i.e. by God, etc...) and "prophecises" that Bobby Lee is gonna become president by 37. Now Bobby does everything to become president and finally becomes president at 37. Noe, did the prophecy really come true or was it just a lucky prediction since Bobby had to put effort to become president.

Alternately, what if he didn't do anything to work towards it? Was it just luck as well?

Next lets say the Shirly Joe gets a prophecy over her that says she will become the next, and 2nd female Pope. She does not become the next female Pope however, even after trying for years and years, and doing everything required. So is the prophecy false, or just a failed prediction?

So basically I'm asking, is a prophecy really a prophecy if it comes true? Or is it perhaps that prophecies are not really prophecies, but predictions that have a 50/50 chance of happening? Also if one did come true, what would prove that it is a prophecy and not just a prediction that came true? Finally what makes a prophecy different from a prediction other then the fact it's "divinely inspired", psychically, religiously, or otherwise.

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