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Still Waters

Zip on mum's new jeans leaves a six-inch scar

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Still Waters
A boy of two was left with a six-inch scar across his forehead after being cut by the zip on his mother's jeans.

Harrison Claxton was covered in blood after hugging mum Natasha. The sharp zip pull had scraped across his forehead, eyebrow and the side of his face.

Miss Claxton, 27, from Colliers Wood, south London, said she had also cut her own finger on the zip.

Now she wants the brand of jeans recalled by the high street chain New Look where she bought them for £25.

The public relations manager said the accident has made her 'sick' and called on New Look to avoid it happening to other children.

She said: 'It’s a really clean cut. It looks like he’s had a lucky escape with a shard of glass in a car accident or something.

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