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Still Waters

Weird clouds look even better from space

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Still Waters
Clouds are fascinating because they take on so many different, beautiful shapes and are constantly changing. Cloud-watching from Earth can be endlessly entertaining, but some of the most amazing cloud patterns can only be properly appreciated from space.

Satellites can take in thousands of miles of the Earth’s surface in one shot, revealing complicated and intriguing cloud patterns we could never see from below. We’ve gathered here some of the best cloud formations to see from above.

arrow3.gif

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wow!....very nice...:)

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Very cool pictures there.

Reminded me of the Dragons of Tibet-picture taken from an airplane back in 2004 over the Himalayas.

Every fable-prone individual came out of the woodwork and praised the picture.

Everyone else knows what a cloud and some imagination can do.


Sure, the world would be alot more interesting with a dragon in it ;) ....., but after seeing the movie Reign of Fire I`m not so sure anymore. :no::P



Dragons in the Tibet Sky

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Grandpa Greenman

Wonderful Water thank you.

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